Now enrolling for Fall 1/2 day Kindergarten Enrichment for students attending Explorer Elementary. Weekly tuition $70- includes Kindergarten Curriculum, meals and snacks.

About Learning Together Academy

A student shows his work from our private preschool curriculum. Learning Together Academy is a Nationally Accredited Academic Program that was rated 5-Stars from the Kansas Qualistar Rating System (KQRS). Our program offers a well rounded curriculum, low student-to-teacher ratio, summer field trip exploration, and an emphasis on phonics, reading, writing, math, art, and science. Our Preschool curriculum consists of selfcorrecting Montessori learning tools, ICPS (I Can Problem Solve Curriculum), Creative Curriculum, and quality reading and phonics programs. Learning Together is a wonderful place for your child to learn and grow.

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Our School Philosophy

A student works on numbers utilizing Montessori and preschool curriculum. Learning Together Academy is dedicated to ensuring a foundation for academic success in the early years and beyond. We truly believe that children learn through play and hands on experiences. We look forward to working with your child and helping them grow and develop a love of learning.

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